Achieving NetOps systems interoperability and integration across the Army Enterprise Infostructure and standardizing a scalable NetOps toolset is an Army priority.

An optimal way to achieve standardization and increase NetOps systems interoperability and integration is to address the acquisition process.

As a result, the Army enforces compliance with the Army’s requirements into the NetOps systems selection and acquisition process to enhance and ensure interoperability and integration across the Army Enterprise.

Army Regulation (AR) 25-1 mandates the assessment of NetOps products against the architecture to ensure they meet functional and interoperability requirements within the Army Enterprise.

As a part of the Certificate of Networthiness – CON approval process, all NetOps products – software, tools or systems must be compliant. Award of a CON involves an extensive assessment to ensure product meets or even exceeds U.S. Army requirements for reliability, security, architecture, and integration with the Army’s existing IT infrastructure. Lunarline specializes in executing the analyses and preparing the documentation necessary for CON submission.

Let Lunarline’s experienced professions guide you through the CON process and ensure your system is secure and has the proper authorizations to operate.